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ANCC, Macros, and MOSAES

posted Apr 2, 2010, 2:30 PM by Matt Granger   [ updated Apr 23, 2010, 5:15 PM ]
ANCC 2010 was a great experience.  I just wish I would have had a little more time in between sessions to demo the products and see the vendors that were there, but I would highly recommend it next year for anyone who didn't go.  It was good to meet the AMICAS PACS users, see their product and take part in some brainstorming of the merging of the AMICAS PACS and RadSuite PACS products.  What an amazing PACS that will be!  I taught a class on RadSuite macros and I will be sharing that information here soon so be watching.  For now, you can try out MOSAES - the Macro OS Action Editor Simulator.  I wrote this to aid in testing RadSuite macros as it shows you how the macro will translate tag descriptors like {PatientName} to values from the DICOM header and also shows you how the various commands will run.  MOSAES lets you test macro configurations from outside of PACS and make sure they will run correctly from within RadSuite so you aren't wasting so much time moving between the settings screens for the macros and the viewports you test them in.  I'm probably the only one who will use this program ;)  If you find it helpful, have at it, it's free!