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"Bad Idea Jeans" - Part II

posted Sep 15, 2011, 3:49 PM by Matt Granger
How have to just laugh when you hear things like this so they don't wake up screaming at night.  Here's another woeful tale from a fellow PACS administrator:

"I just had a Nurse in the ED ask me (on behalf of a PA for the ED Docs) if there was a way to remove the demographics from the viewport window of the PACS monitors so the image would be HIPAA compliant.  Why would it need to be compliant you ask? So they could take an iphone picture of the PACS monitor to text to a physician for consults.  She explained that the PA said she does this all the time at other hospitals because their PACS can remove demographics so it’s ok because it’s HIPAA compliant.  After a long explanation on the diagnostic capabilities of a cell phone pic of a pacs monitor which, fortunately was backed up by a physician who was there and overheard, she was going to relay to the PA that it was not ok.  I wanted to also explain about the so called “HIPPA Compliance” of this but figured I’d take the win.  However, I figured I should be safe so I also told her ours couldn’t remove demographics.  Ugh."

Your Facility Privacy Officer would sign off on that, right? </sarcasm>