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TomoVision's freeware

posted Oct 5, 2009, 10:10 AM by Matt Granger   [ updated Oct 5, 2009, 10:34 AM ]
Have you seen the PACS software at TomoVision?  They have some powerful DICOM image conversion software there, but I wanted to point out a couple of their free applications.  First, check out DICOManage.  From their site:

"DICOManage will present you with a list of all the DICOM files in the specified directory tree. That list can be sorted by file names, patient names, patient ID, study ID or study date. From that list, you select the files you want and then, you can either copy or move them somewhere else, or push them to the PACS. If you copy or move them, you have different renaming options."

I recently recommended this program to a site that had a large archive of old images on a computer and no easy way to find specific patient exams in the DICOM files.  Depending on how much data you point DICOManage at, it may take a few minutes to parse through it all, but once it is done you can search for the information you want with ease.

Next is DICOM Compare, it allows you to view the DICOM header of an image file or compare the DICOM headers of two files:

"You can use it to compare the content of an image with the standard DICOM definition for the same modality. Just drop a DICOM image on the program and it will show you all the tags in the DICOM definition of that modality with the tags used in the image in a different color.
Or, you can use it to compare two images together. Just drop 2 DICOM images on the program and it will display the content of both images side by side using colors to show tags that are identical and tags that are different."

Very useful for researching the attributes of DICOM images.  Thanks TomoVision!