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DocScan available!

posted Dec 31, 2013, 2:57 PM by Matt Granger   [ updated Dec 31, 2013, 3:17 PM ]
     Happy last day of 2013 and soon to be 2014!  I never thought I'd be doing this, but here is the absolute latest version of DocScan 2 with new feature that you can manually input all the patient and exam details instead of only allowing archive or worklist queries!  I think this has been the most asked for feature in DocScan over the years and until Brent from Grand Rapids, MI recently asked me if this could be done I had planned only on implementing this in DocScan 3.  However, Brent's question about this nudged me closer to an idea that would make it pretty easy to implement by modifying the dsTrigger piece of DocScan.  

     Are you using dsTrigger?  You are if you're a Merge RadSuite PACS site because it's what lets you have a button in PACS to transfer all the patient/exam info to DocScan instead of doing a worklist or archive query.  dsTrigger.exe accepts these command line arguments to allow any application that can pass this info to do a direct integration with DocScan:

Text Box

C:\PACSMATT\DocScan\dsTrigger.exe "{StudyDate}" "{StudyTime}" 
"{AccessionNumber}" "{Modality}" "" "{ReferringPhysiciansName}" 
"{StudyDescription}" "{PatientName}" "{PatientID}" "{PatientBirthDate}" 
"" "{StudyInstanceUID}" 

     Blah, blah, blah, right?  Well, it finally dawned on me to just put a user interface in dsTrigger so if dsTrigger.exe is run by itself it will display this GUI to allow the input of the patient information manually:

     Note that the red field labels indicate those fields are required and in this screen shot an option was turned on to require an accession number, by default the accession is not required.  Also, there are a lot of subtle improvements in DocScan including the ability to rotate images 90 degrees instead of just 180 degrees, DocScan will try several times to convert the files if it happens to fail at first, and countless other things I hope to document for you in future posts.  Until then, Manual Entry is my New Years and belated Christmas gift to you.  Have fun!

     Just download the new zip archive here to get the latest version.  This archive has a sample DocScan.INI config file in it with full explanations of the new options related to dsTrigger Manual input.  There isn't an installer for it.  You'll need to make a shortcut to the dsTrigger.exe file somewhere for your end users to click on.  Try it out and let me know if you run in to any issues.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!

Boring stuff - here are the new DocScan.INI options so you can see them without downloading anything:

Text Box

;  Options: 
;          YES    - DocScan will listen on port 33991 for "dsTrigger.exe" application to send patient/exam info.
;          NO     - (Default) No manual demographics mode or integration.
;  Notes:
;          This must be set to YES to use the new manual demographics feature or integration via PACS.

;  Options:
;          List of pipe ("|") delimited modalities that for the manual mode drop down list
;   Default: "CR|CT|DX|MR|NM|*OT|US"
;  Notes:
;          Manual mode will make the first modality it finds in this list with an "*" in front of it the default modality.
;          (See "OT" example above)
ManualInputModalities = CR|CT|MR|*NM|OT|US

;  Options:
;          List of pipe ("|") delimited exam names for the end user to choose from.  Example: *Scanned Documents|History|Priors
;          Default: this field is empty if no exam names are defined
;  Notes:
;          "*" in front of the one of the items in the list will make it the default item.
;          Users can type free text in this field unless "ManualInputDoNotAllowTypedStudyDescriptions" is set to True
ManualInputStudyNames = *Scanned Documents|History

;  Options:
;           True   - Users cannot type free text and can only select predefined Study Descriptions
;           False  - (Default) Users can free type study descriptions or select from the drop down list.

;  Options:
;           Setting these three options to 'True' will require the end user to input data in the relevant field
;           Default: these three fields can be blank by default.

;  Options:
;          True = forces the Manual input user interface to appear even when all the command line arguments for dsTrigger are populated
;          False = (Default) If all the command line arguments are populated for dsTrigger the manual user input GUI will be skipped.
;  Notes:
;          This setting only is relevant when there is a PACS integration that is passing patient & exam demographic info to the command line
;          of dsTrigger.  If you aren't able to have a full PACS integration with DocScan you can prepopulate certain fields by making 
;          shortcuts to dsTrigger and adding command line arguments for the defaults you want.  See the DocScan documentation for the command
;          line format to do this or contact me.

;  Options:
;           True    - If the end user clicks the label "SIUID" in the user interface a new Study Instance UID will be generated.
;           False   - (Default) The SIUID cannot be changed from what is passed via the command line or generated by DocScan.
;  Notes:
;           You will probably never want to enable this unless you have a specific scenario that would require the end users to alter
;           the SIUID for an exam.  I added this to allow a situation where you have a full or partial PACS integration and you want
;           to be able to create a new study instead of sending the scanned documents to the original study.  Again, this would be
;           rarely needed so I caution against enabling this feature.