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DocScan - any takers?

posted Jun 27, 2014, 3:02 PM by Matt Granger   [ updated Jul 1, 2014, 11:07 AM ]
Hello all!
     I added in a few features in DocScan version that might be useful to others.  I need your help testing it out so don't go rolling this onto all your production machines without trying it.  Let me know if you have any questions.  New features:
  • Auto-start DocScan with dstrigger.  You no longer need to have DocScan running in the system tray all the time.  If you have an integration between DocScan and your PACS, when dstrigger gets called it will start DocScan for you if it isn't already running (you can disable this if needed).  In addition there is an INI setting that forces DocScan to exit without prompting after images are sent so that DocScan is only actually running when you need it.
  • Shortcut to start DocScan scanning.  I've been getting more requests for the ability to use a desktop shortcut (or any kind of shortcut) to start a manual scanning process. Obviously the last release lets you do manual scan via a shortcut by launching dstrigger without any command line parameters (or just some).  Now if you add the one command line paramter like this: C:\PACSMATT\DocScan\dsTrigger.exe RequestMode then Docscan will pop up a new GUI that asks for the mode you want and the MRN you want to query.  It's just like using the system tray.  There's an example shortcut in the 
  • Better Windows 7 support - I changed the method that I obtain the results of the DICOM archive and worklist queries to be more compatible with Windows 7 (and better in general all around).  So you should have less problems on Win7/8 PCs.
The latest archive has all the necessary files in it for DocScan to run.  Just unzip it anywhere (but I'd recommend the path shown above), and edit the DocScan.INI file to suit your site's needs.  Refer to the original instruction PDF for the basics or read through all the help in the INI file for configuring it.  Try running dstrigger by itself or try adding either the one command line parameter referenced above, or populating multilple values to integrate it with your PACS.  Here are the two most recent INI file settings I added:

;  Options: 
;          True    - (Default) Dstrigger checks if DocScan.exe is running and if itis not it starts it.
;          False   - Dstrigger will not attempt to start DocScan.
;  Notes:
;          Be sure to set AutoStopDocScan to "True", too, if you want to prevent it DocScan from always running in the background.

;  Options: 
;          True    - DocScan will close itself without prompting the end user after it has sent the images
;          False   - (Default) DocScan remains running in the system tray after sending images
;  Notes:
;          Only set this to True if you are using the AutoStartDocScan=True option, too