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posted Oct 29, 2014, 9:59 AM by Matt Granger
I just uploaded DocScan with bug fixes and a few new features.  The main one being the ability to change the listening port dstrigger uses:

Version updates -  Added IP address lookup via "COMMON -> ListenIP" to a specific IP address - also supports pulling current IP  (defaults to if none specified)
              Added Port specification via "COMMON -> ListenPort" to a specific IP port (defaults to 33991 if none specified) -  Changed the way the DICOM files get processed and sending method for better Win7 support. -  Removed java dependency - only using dcmtk now -  Added debug feature to Common section of INI file quick copies DICOM queries to the clipboard DebugQueryToClipboard=True -  Auto close capability and enabled RequestMode to work from dstrigger -  Added option to change the Calling AETitle based on the mode.  It is queried in both the SEND and QUERY functions. -  Added new alternative logic for the date & time options for when the modprompt shows up for end users. -  Added ability to rotate 90 degrees in either direction instead of just 180 degrees.  Also updates context button text to reflect 90 or 180 degrees.
           New INI values are: 
                            RotateImageDirection=l or r (left or rigth rotation)     
                    RotateImageQuarters=1 or 2  (90 degrees or 180 degrees)
                            No restart of DocScan is necessary if changes are made to above values (although context menus won't update until GUI closed and reopened