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DocScan 3

posted Oct 19, 2012, 6:10 PM by Matt Granger
Hello Everyone!     Where has time gone?  Has it really been a year since I last posted here?  A lot has been happening on my end.  While I finished the first version of "Yodel" that I described in earlier posts, I've decided to get out a new version of DocScan and bring it under the Yodel suite of software that I'm planning.  So, the next version of DocScan will be officially named "Yodel DocScan 3.0" and I've got a host of new features that I'm programming in to it.  First and for most, no more 6 image limitations.  I haven't decided the upper limit, but it will be plenty.  I'm building it to more easily integrate with different PACS vendors so its main integration method will now be XML drop, but I'll also be including an app to make the necessary XML drop files.  So, don't fret, I'm pretty sure I'll have a method to get this to work with your PACS if your PACS has any way to launch an external process or create XML files.  Also, better TWAIN support as I'll be using a dedicated TWAIN engine instead of using the IRFAN view program for scanning.  All new code for image manipulation: conversion to grayscale, invert, 90 or 180 degree rotations.  Here's a new feature:  image stamps.  Predefined images can be inserted into a scan job to be used as notification tools in your PACS.  Sky's the limit with this one:  easily add a disclaimer image to studies you have imported into PACS, setup meaningful images to visually alert your radiologists to info about the studies they are in, etc.  There's too much to list, but I'm excited about it and I hope you will be, too.  I'll share more as it comes together.

Feel free to send me any ideas you want to see in the next version, too.  If I like it and I can code it, I'll put it in there.  I want to be upfront with you about v3, too.  I'll continue to give away DocScan 2 for free here, but Yodel DocScan 3 will require a license purchase.  It takes a lot of time and planning for me to create this code and so I need to recoup that effort, but at the sime time I recognize a lot of people use DocScan because it is free - and hopefully because they like it!  That said, the licenses will be very affordable and stay tuned as I'll be giving away licenses for it as production versions draw near.  OK, that's all for now - I can smell dinner on the table!