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DocScan 3x Update

posted Apr 12, 2013, 11:33 PM by Matt Granger
Hello Everyone - just a quick post to ensure you all that I'm working away on the next version of DocScan.  I'm rewriting all the code from the ground up to support many features and workflows that people have been asking for.  I've already exceeded the original number of lines of code and I would estimate I am 1/3 of the way complete right now.  So, here are some more new features I don't think I've mentioned yet:
  • Besides using scanners to convert paper to DICOM images, you can import from all common image file formats (including PDF), and built in screen capture to grab portions of you screen send those to PACS!
  • Supports as many archives and worklists as your environment needsand allows you to specify exactly when each is used so your staff doesn't have to remember to.
  • Not only can you choose to stack or separate multiple imported images, but you can also predefine if you want a a set of images to auto split into separate series with different series numbers & names.
  • DocScan 2x was missing some DICOM tags in the image files that made certain PACS not like the images.  This has been corrected and you have complete control over any additional static or variable tags you want inserted into the image files as well.
That's it for now.  Time to rest and more coding to come.  I look forward to sharing the new version with you all!