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Merge Honeycomb - Phases Plan

posted Oct 6, 2011, 9:02 PM by Matt Granger   [ updated Oct 6, 2011, 10:25 PM ]

I had a chance to demo the Honeycomb product directly and I am impressed.  The feature set is right on for this initial product release.  It has a social network "LinkedIn" feel to it and users are able to self register to create an account.  A URL auth process follows and then you can access your free account. Although not verified, initial screenshots seem to show that "free" accounts can upload up to 10 GB of imaging data.  Once logged in the user is presented with a log view screen of activity that has occurred with any images they have shared to other users.  You can invite other users via e-mail to join Honeycomb or search for existing users.  The search screen segments the search results between users you know (similar to 'friended') and global users accounts you haven't shown any relationship to (yet).  

Uploading files is very easy as long as you have physical access to the DICOM files themselves.  Once uploaded you can share the files to one or more users in your group.  The sharing process has granular controls that allow you to decide how long the share is active for and whether or not the 'shared' users is allowed to download those files as DICOM objects or not.  Either way the user can view the images through Honeycomb

Images that are shared to end users are viewed using Merge's iConnect Access zero footprint viewer.  Let me stress that this viewer is an amazing PACS image viewer.  I have been involved with testing version 2.5 of the iConnect Access viewer for some time now and this week I was able to see the feature set in Access 3.0 which is in use in the Honeycomb product.  It's truly a zero foot print viewer completely executed in JavaScript in the browser.  Support summary:  No Java needed, no ActiveX needed, yes IE, yes Chrome, yes Mozilla, yes iPhone & iPad, iffy on Android (for now) and no on Blackberry. It's an excellent browser and I regret I didn't get any screenshots for you. It has mote than ample toolset including cine, zoom, measurement tools, multiple viewports, full screen viewing.  It's beautiful.

Did I mention that this is free?  Are you considering any other image sharing services right now?  Don't.  This is free and it rocks.  Just go to and sign up to be notified when the services launches next month.  Here's a direct link to Merge's PDF document more details.

More information about the future phases of Merge Honeycomb came out today, too, as the implementation phases were shown at the "Merge Live!" event. Below is a screenshot from their presentation.  Phase one and live usage will be in place by RSNA this year.  Phases 2 & 3 relate to a tighter integration of Honeycomb to their iConnect Access platform.