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Monitor Config settings in Amicas/Emageon PACS

posted Sep 29, 2009, 4:21 PM by Matt Granger
This isn't anything you can't read about in the PACS help file or release notes, but I thought I would shed some light on it since some of the PACS admins I run into didn't know about it.  In PACS you can choose exactly which monitors will display images by modifying the monitor configuration setting.  This is a per workstation setting by the way.  From the worklist screen click View -> Monitor Configuration and you'll get a window like this:
The string of text decides how your monitor is going to be used.  The above example is from a three monitor diagnostic workstation and it is using the (-GL) switch to shut off OpenGL on that monitor.  Do you have trouble with some workstations displaying a big black X through all the images, or no images at all?  You could shut off everyone's OpenGL settings on their individual accounts to fix it, or just use the (-GL) switch to force it off on that monitor.  Amicas recommends that OpenGL be shut off on the worklist monitor, btw.

Here are two more examples:

Using 0x0 will make PACS ignore that monitor altogether.  This is perfect for 3 or 4 monitor setups where you want to keep one monitor dedicated to something other than PACS (voice recognition, RIS, etc.)

Do you have dual monitors on your desktop?  With this configuration, PACS will pretend your second monitor is actually two monitors side by side.  This lets you mimic a 3 monitor diagnostic workstation setup and it great for building hanging protocols.