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Patient History in the Hanging Protocol

posted Feb 22, 2010, 3:30 PM by Matt Granger
Before I post my next segment on better ways to launch RadSuite PACS, I thought I would add this tip that dawned on me today.  Many of you may have your hanging protocols setup to show the patient history folder.  We use this at my facility to give the radiologist a quick view of all the studies a patient has had done.  Don (a PACS admin new to RadSuite) contacted me to ask if the patient history window could be setup to show the "hung" prior's results instead of it defaulting to a blank result of the new study.  I hadn't considered trying this, but it can be done.  Open the hanging protocol you want to modify and remove the action that opens the patient history folder from the viewport that displays current studies.  Then add the Patient History action back in, but on a "priors" viewport.  Now when that hanging protocol launches the history window will be focused on the prior report.  Consider the cons to this setup though:  A "read" study that is opened under this hanging protocol will default to showing the prior result instead of the current one.  Also, although I haven't tested it, I'm doubtful that the history window will display if your hanging protocol doesn't have an image to show in the prior viewport that is supposed to launch the patient history action.  Until we come up with a mind-reading macro, if this is something your rads want I'm sure they can put up with that behavior.