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Universal PACS CD Viewer

posted Apr 30, 2010, 2:24 PM by Matt Granger   [ updated Apr 30, 2010, 2:51 PM ]
Sorna has a really good PACS CD viewer called "Reviewer CD" that you can download here and install on any number of PCs.  It read all the DICOM CDs I threw at it (accept some dreaded proprietary Philips iSite CDs - yuck!).  The tool set is complete and the user interface is easy to navigate.  This would make a nice product to deploy on workstations where end users need to view a variety of CDs.  Make this your default viewer and disable CD auto-run and you can have a free, consistent viewing experience for your users.  This same viewer is on the CDs that are burned with the various CD burning solutions that Sorna sells.  They also have a variety of more advanced versions (not free of course) of the "Reviewer" product with the same basic GUI interface that offers the ability to scan documents, import non-DICOM objects to your PACS, QC exams, and more.  Here's some screenshots with a close up of the toolbar: