DocScanFx version Available!

    • Easily add relevant exam data from any source to your PACS exams:
      • Scanners
      • Screen capture
      • Electronic forms
      • Imported images (multi-page TIF and PDF, too!)
      • Virtual printer
    • Your exam images are only half the story.  Convert important information to images in the study so your readers have all the information they need:
      • Scan requisitions for paperless workflow
      • Eliminate paper tech worksheets with interactive forms 
      • Digitally annotate your scanned documentation
      • Use DocScanFX's screen capture to grab needed portions of the patient medical record and insert them into the imaging study
      • Stop wasting time faxing prior reports and paperwork to after-hours readers and convert them on the fly to images
    • Import DICOM files from any media source.
      • Automatically add or erase DICOM tags for better compatibility
      • Manually or automatically perform an archive search for matching patient demographics
      • Complete control over users' ability to modify patient and exam information down to the series level.
      • End user can choose down to the series level which DICOM objects to import.
      • Need to add paper documents to imported exams, too?  DocScanFx makes it easy!

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