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DocScanFx Version 3 is now available! 
Go to for more info and videos

The information listed below is for DocScan version 2 which will remain available for a limited time, but has limited functionality under Win 7/10 due to it's age.

You can try out version 2, but note there is no support for it and version 3 is light years ahead of it in functionality.  Check it out!

PACS Document Scanner

Version 2.0.7 (Version available at bottom of page)


     DocScan is a document scanning program for converting paper documents and image files to DICOM objects and importing them into PACS. DocScan incorporates “modes” which are profiles for how a scanned document should be converted and sent to PACS. DocScan supports archive queries and modality worklist queries for sending exams to PACS. DocScan should work with any TWAIN compliant scanner and also supports the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners (non-TWAIN compliant).  DocScan can either be integrated with Emageon PACS (via shortcut key, viewport button, context or system menu) or used as a standalone product with other PACS vendors. 

     Scroll to the end of this page to download DocScan and the setup instructions which describe DocScan's features in greater detail.


The DocScan scanning window (with and without a scanned image)

Thumbnail context options

DocScan system tray icon with options

DocScan querying PACS and presenting user with a list of exams to choose from


You are free to use DocScan on any number of workstations you want as long as you agree to the following:
  • Only use DocScan if you understand that you are taking full responsibility for how it works (or doesn't work) in your PACS environment.  I have no control over how you may attempt to use it or how your site is configured.
  • Thoroughly evaluate whether DocScan does what you want before you put it to use.
  • If you need a version of DocScan for which you can blame problems or bugs on, then you will need to contact me about programming a special version of DocScan for you that includes blame and responsibility features as this version of DocScan does not contain either.  Blame and responsibility are costly, so in order for me to write a version like that you will need to compensate me for my programming work through either an agreed upon sum of money or yummy snacks. 


Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about DocScan.


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