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MOSAES is the Macro OS Action Editor Simulator and is useful for testing commands when creating macros in AMICAS RadSuite PACS  (formerly Emageon Ultravisual or Advanced Visualization).  RadSuite macros are an awesome way to integrate external scripts, operating system functions and third party programs with your PACS.  However, it's a huge nuisance to move between the configuration window when creating or editing the OS actions and the viewports that you launch the macros from.  MOSAES simulates the "New OS Action Editor" dialog box and will step through your commands giving you feedback (if wanted) on how it is interpreting the command line arguments you feed it.  It will even replace bracketed DICOM tags with data values just like the macros do (the source can either be your own DICOM dump or an internal canned dump that MOSAES contains).


Matt Granger,
Apr 21, 2010, 2:18 PM