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Version 1.0


This program will automate typing in all the username and password information when creating new accounts in PACS.  It will NOT assign them group membership or user inheritance.  Which isn't such a bad idea, because that effectively disables the account until someone adds this information.  The site I wrote this program for a site that had 1500 user account to create and then all the users were going to go through training.  They planned to update the account information when the users showed up for training.  This was a good method to avoid having a bunch of active accounts floating around and not knowing if the end user was the actual one using the account.


You need your user list saved as "users.txt" in a tab delimited format to use this program.  Just two columns of information, like this:
 Smeed, Larry A MD dr012345
 Adams, Wilma E DO dr023456
 Adler, Fluffy  MD dr034567

If all your data is in Excel you can export it as a tab delimited file by:
  1. Open your Excel document with all the names and do a File - Save As.
  2. Change the type to Tab delimited, and save the file to your desktop with the name "users.txt". (See the sample users.txt file to make sure it looks the same as yours).

How to do it

  1. Unzip the to your desktop.
  2. Make sure your CreateUsers.exe and the "users.txt" file are in the same location (like your desktop) or CreateUsers won't work.
  3. Double click CreateUsers.exe to run it.  You will see an icon in the system tray when it is running.
  4. Open Emageon AV - Administration - User Management.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. CreateUsers will "see" the new user window and fill in the appropriate boxes.
  7. CreateUsers will clicks the button to create the new user and close the group warning box which closes the window.
  8. If there should be a username conflict, the script will pause giving you a chance to make a username modification, e.g., add a middle initial, a number, etc.
  9. Go back to step 5 and repeat until it is done. 


  • If you click the icon in the system tray for CreateUsers.exe, it will pause it's execution and pop up a menu.  There is an option to exit or un-pause.
  • CreateUsers.exe will automatically exit after it makes the last user in the users.txt file.
  • If have close CreateUsers part way through the import process, restarting CreateUsers will start from the very beginning of the users.txt file again.  To start somewhere else, open the users.txt file and delete all the lines of users you already imported until you get to the user you want to start with.
  • Don't have a heading column in your file or the program will try to create a user with the headings.
  • If you export the data from Excel and it puts quotes around all your names - no worries - CreateUsers will strip out the quotes first.

Matt Granger,
Oct 2, 2009, 10:16 AM