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Test Command Line
Version 1.0


Here's a little program you can write a PACS macro around to see how Emageon replaces the tag descriptors in the macro command line arguments with the values from DICOM header.  Download the file, unzip it somewhere and create a new macro with the OS Action pointing to the TestCL.exe file.  Add a bunch of tag descriptors as command line arguments like this:

When you run the macro from PACS it will show you how the tag descriptors get replaced:

Here is some text you can copy to create a macro with (replace the path with your own if you saved testcl.exe somewhere else:
c:\PACSMATT\testcl.exe "{NameOfPhysiciansReadingStudy}"  "{UserName}" "{StudyDate}" "{StudyTime}" "{AccessionNumber}" "{Modality}" "" "{ReferringPhysiciansName}" "{StudyDescription}" "{PatientName}" "{PatientID}" "{PatientBirthDate}" "" "{StudyInstanceUID}" ""{0010,1000,0}"" ""{0010,1000,1}"" ""{0010,1000,2}"" ""{0010,1000,3}"" ""{0010,1000,-1}""

Matt Granger,
Oct 2, 2009, 10:35 AM