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Version 1.1


PI is an automatic, hands free, Emageon PACS installer.  Instead a directing users through all the steps to manually install PACS, let PI do all that for them.


PI performs the following functions:
  • Verifies there is a compatible operating system.
  • Chooses an appropriate amount of RAM for PACS.
  • Figures out if it is installing locally or remotely.
  • Installs the appropriate version of Java
    • Checks for admin privileges
    • Downloads Java from your FIC
    • Runs the Java install in unattended mode and configures it to never update and to not reboot after the install.
  • Optional: Copies a customized Java config file to all profiles (including default user) on the PC. This file:
    • Sets the local Java cache to 1000megs 
    • Sets option to never prompt user to create a desktop shortcut
  • Optional: Deletes any shortcuts with the phrase "Advanced Visualization" from:
    • Any user's Desktop, Start Menu, and Start Menu\Programs on the PC 
    • The AllUser's Desktop, Start Menu, and Start Menu\Programs 
    • Note: It can also be configured to delete existing icons with any other naming convention, i.e., Ultravisual, or PACS, etc. (or not to delete icons, too!)
  • Creates a new shortcut to run PACS on the AllUser's Desktop and Start Menu.
    • This shortcut is a link to the local Javaws.exe file with a command line argument pointing it to the FIC’s URL (local or remote). 
    • Better than sharing the Java created shortcut which is a link to a particular user’s cached Java files. 

How to do it

  1. Since this is a single, executable file, the install.exe has a site's specific setup details embedded in the compiled code. 
  2. This install.exe can be distributed by either a shared network drive or put the file on your FIC and just send out a URL to your end users (contact me if you need more info on this). 
  3. So how can you get it?  I can build a customized version of PI if you send me:
    1.  Final shortcut name (“EVMS – WHC” or “PACS – WHC”, etc.) 
    2.  Local URL to your FIC (see note) 
    3.  Remote URL to your FIC (see note) 
    4.  Internal only network address (e.g., or 
            Note: To get the URL for local and remote installs:
    1. Go to your PACS install web page 
    2. Right click the “Run [EVMS] Advanced Visualization” link and choose copy shortcut. 


  1. I use this install.exe method on every system I install PACS on, local and remote.  It works great!